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By Andrew Braybrook

Piccy of AndrewOne of the greatest features of Zzap was it's Diary of a Game section, very early on in Zzap career Andrew also did a diary for his game Paradroid, and now he's back detailing his exploits for the game Morpheus. This diary is particularly interesting, both from a technical (how certain effects are done) and a process (all the effects surrounding a games development) point of view. I wonder how many readers these diaries inspired to learn how to program and attempt to write their own games. I know from reading this diary myself while compiling it for the site, that I was almost tempted to get out the 'ol C64 and start coding on it again (I'm sure the enthusiasm for that would have died pretty quickly!). Anyway enough of the waffle, let's get on with the diary (there's enough of it to get through).

Part 1

Issue 23 March 1987

Part 2

Issue 24 April 1987

Part 3

Issue 25 May 1987

Part 4

Issue 26 June 1987

Part 5

Issue 27 July 1987

Part 6

Issue 28 August 1987

Part 7

Issue 29 September 1987

Part 8

Issue 30 October 1987

Thanks go out to Ashley over at Lounge Lizard Elite for letting me grab Part 1 & 3 off his site

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