World Cricket - WG Grace

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World Cricket - WG Grace

Post by Iain »

The World Cricket review has a comment by a WG Grace, so for a second I was, "Who is this reviewer" until I did a quick search...

In the interest of completeness and because it seems silly putting this "new" reviewer in the system as a reviewer and because Ian seems to have a good memory for this stuff.

Who was behind this comment?

Phil did the main review so I'm guessing Ian or Corky?
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Re: World Cricket - WG Grace

Post by relentless »

Probably the first 9 in 99 was supposed to be a zero - it's next to 9 on the keyboard.
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Re: World Cricket - WG Grace

Post by andy vaisey »

I'm guessing Lloyd did the comment... :wink:
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Re: World Cricket - WG Grace

Post by Ian Osborne »

I've no recollection of that one, but I would guess the game came in at the last minute and there was no one else available to play it, so Phil wrote the review and the comment. Just a guess, though.
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