Zzap Issue 107
Zzap!64 issue 107, March 2002 is a new issue created by the Zzap loving community.

There are four versions of the magazine at the moment. Hi-res spread or single and lo-res spread or single. Use the high res versions for printing and low res for slow Internet connections. Spread means that each image contains two pages as you would see them in the magazine and single means just one page per image.

Lo-Res Singles (4,841KB) zzap64.co.uk gazunta.com
Lo-Res Spreads (4,811KB) zzap64.co.uk gazunta.com
Hi-Res Singles (30,127KB) zzap64.co.uk gazunta.com
Hi-Res Spreads (30,097KB) zzap64.co.uk gazunta.com

NEW! There has been an Italian version of issue 107 released by tgmonline
Get the Lo-Res (2,143KB) or Hi-Res (17,868KB) version now.

Don't forget the Megatape (221KB) as well, containing Elite, Impossible Mission, Paradroid, The Sentinel and Wizball.

Check out the mention the issue got in Edge 109

Check out the interview, "The Making of Zzap Issue 107" that Craig Grannell conducted with Cameron Davies, Gordon Houghton and Ant Stiller.