14 - May 2002
The scanned issues are making a come back! Thanks to James who is paying for a server OUT OF HIS OWN pocket. They are not all online at the moment so bare with us for a few weeks until we get them all sorted out.

All the issues on CD are coming out soon and of course there is the printed issue 107 you can order. Both this items will be available at Back In Time, as well as t-shirts hopefully!

27 - January 2002
One more scanned issue online. Issue 89 this time. The ETA for the new Zzap 107 is 15th February!!

30 - December 2001
Here's a few scanned issues for the New Year. 86, 87 and 88. Happy New Year!

13 - December 2001
Full scans of issues 84 and 85 are online. My friend just got a months access to an ADSL line so expect issues to come thick and fast over the next couple of weeks.

8 - December 2001
Another full scan online, of issue 83.

Here's a few uploaded corrections for the scanned issues, thanks to Jules for notifying us of these!
issue 74, p50 and p51 were the same, the correct p50 has now been uploaded
issue 48, p2 and p3 were the same, the correct p3 has now been uploaded
issue 9, added the poster that came with the issue, called p173 and p174 now
2 - December 2001
Just uploaded issue 82. Enjoy.

15 - November 2001
You may realised that the scanned issues have been offline for a few days. This is because some idiot decided to download all 2Gb of the issues in one go! and thus the bandwidth usage was brought to the attention of the company that hosts the issues.
If you decide you want to download all the issues (even although I'll be putting out Cd's of them soon), PLEASE only download one or two a day max!

The scans should be online and working again. I am also now in the process of uploading new issues. Hopefully this event won't happen again because if it does I'll have to write some script to stop website grabber programs from working, which would be a pain for all. Anyway, it appears we are back in business. Thanks James!

For those of you that haven't heard, there will be a new Zzap issue 107 out in the new year, editted by Gordon Houghton. It will be a one off, only available online (so don't go running down to your newsagent looking for it) but will be full of new material currently been writing by Zzap lovers around the world. You can find more info about it on Lee's Peek and Poke Page.

Just uploaded issue 81. Enjoy.

9 - June 2001
This is the last big update of scanned issues until the end of the summer. But I think this lot should keep you going! I finished in work yesterday but I've spent the last 6 hours in here uploading these files on a Saturday, so you'd better enjoy! :-)

The issues are 61, 67, 69,70, 71,72, 73,74, 75,76, 77,78, 79 and 80. 14 issues in all!

I also fixed issue 68 p65 and p68. I think Mort deserves a big round of applause for all his work so far.
6 - June 2001
This is the biggest update ever! Another 8 issues have been added to the full scans! These issues contain some great reviews and features, including a review of the rare game Murder in issue 65 (I think).

The issues are 57, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and 68.

1 - June 2001
Another six issues online to keep you going for the long weekend!! Issue 53, 54, 55, 56, 58 and 60.
Issue 55 is a favourite of mine, with reviews of Powerdrift and Batman The Movie, plus a preview of Turbo Outrun.

30 - May 2001
I just found that that I'm number 2 in the list for using the most bandwidth in my company! Hopefully I can get all these issues uploaded before I get fired then. Issue 42 and 52 join us today. Which makes the complete first 52 issues of Zzap!64 online!
29 - May 2001
Another three issues, issue 43 , 47 and 51. Issue 42 will be up soon to complete all up to issue 51, but there's a couple of "issues" with it at the moment.
24 - May 2001
Another three issues up today, issue 39 (which includes a Giana Sisters review and a Day At The Arcades booklet), 40 and 41 (the first ever Zzap I bought!)
23 - May 2001
Even more issues up today, we have issue 31 (even comes with the 3-D glasses, however I somehow doubt they'll work when they are printed out!), 36, 37 and 38
22 - May 2001
I've gotta try and get all these issues up before I go traveling and don't have high banwidth Internet access in a work place anymore. So that's why 32, 33, 34 and 35 are available today! That lot alsoincludes another great Christmas issue. Enjoy!
21 - May 2001
A full scan of issue 9 is up, the first ever Zzap Christmas issue, and what an issue it was, all 172 pages of it.

That now means that all issues from 1 to 30 are up. Crazy as it seems I think the end is in sight for getting all issues online, I never thought it would be done, but thanks to Mort and his coke habit, it looks like it will be! ;-)

19 - May 2001
BIT Live was great, got to meet lots of people and listen to good music, pity there wasn't more people there though.

I also did a pilgrimage to Ludlow to find the old Zzap offices. Read all about the trip.

15 - May 2001
Issue 8 is online. See you all at Back in Time Live tomorrow night, myself and Mort will be wearing Zzap64 t-shirts!
11 - May 2001
Issue 5 is online, another golden oldie, with reviews of games like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Hypersports. Issue 6 also joins it.
4 - May 2001
Issue 30 is offically online now and the mother of all Zzap's, issue 44 the Christmas Special of 1988, my favourite issue of Zzap ever!
3 - May 2001
Full scans of issue 45, issue 46 and issue 48 are up. Enjoy!
2 - May 2001
Full scan of issue 50 is up, this was the last issue with Gordon as editor and the rest of the mad gang, also issue 49.
30 - April 2001
As you've probably noticed, I have redesigned this page, it's not completely done yet but I hope you like it so far, I'm now using WinEdit instead of a WYSIWYG editor.
Also, if you are going Back In Time Live, the C64 event of the year, Mort and myself will be there!

17 - April 2001
Full scans of issues 3 and 4 are up. Many thanks to Dimitris!
4 - April 2001
Full scans of issues 2, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 are up. Many thanks to Mort!
23 - March 2001
Megatapes28, 32 and 33 are now available (For 'Britney'!!) plus full scans of issue 23.
27 - February 2001
Well, it's been a while but at last the scanned issues have a stable permanent home, massive thanks to James Wilson from Australia for the donation of space. All the links to the old issues should work again and there are some new issues as well, 19, 20, 22, 99, 100, 101. A Day in the Life - Randy Unearthed has also been added to issue 51/52, requested by the man himself!
17 - January 2001
Got some space on NBCi.com and uploaded full scans of issues 103, 104 and 105.
14 - January 2001
TAPs and covers of Megatapes 10, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 are now available.
30 - December 2000
The complete series one of The Terminal Man is now online, all 48 pages of it! Dimitris has also finished off the Zzap Staff table (in a good way!) and there's a scan of Italian version of the infamous Katakis issue.
17 - December 2000
Merry Christmas! To celebrate Christmas, the full scans of issue 21 (The BIG Christmas Issue) are up, the complete Diary of a Game - Lemmings and an mp3 of the Thalamusic which was on the B-side of the first ever Zzap megatape. Look for a lot more stuff of megatapes in the future.!

 8 - November 2000
Mort has been at it again, issues 16, 17 and 18 full scans are available!
24 - October 2000
Editorials for 1993 and 1994 are up, which means every single editorial from Zzap / C= Force is now online! The site also got a mention on Retrogames and Emucamp so that meant 1000 hits over the last 2 days
17 - October 2000
The full issues of 13,14 and 15 are now online!!!
11 - October 2000
Editorials for 1992 are up. And a list of all articles that are online to save you going through issue by issue to find articles. Plus issue 12 in full scans!
2 - October 2000
Issue 10 complete scans available and also the Zzap! 100th Issue special pullout that came with issue 10 of CF.
7 - September 2000
Complete scans of issue 11 up too. Also editorials from 1990 and 1991 added and info on the staff has been fiddled with somewhat!
18 - August 2000
Complete scan of issue 7 now online too!
1 - August 2000
Complete scan of issue 1 now online! Thanks to Stephen Stuttard for scanning it.PLUS issue 106 is now available too!
10 - July 2000
Added Deus Ex Machina review and interview with Martin Galway from issue 10.
29 - May 2000
The first issue of Zzap seems to be the most popular, so I figured I might as well give you something to read from it! Added full editoral with info on Zzap's beginning and the reviewing system, Crowther interview, short interviews with leading C64 industry heads and Jeff Minters column. I also added descriptions for issues 74 to 90.
3 - May 2000
Search box added (bottom of this page) for whole site. Reviews for issues 84 to 105 added to Zzapbible.
17 - April 2000
Talk about a Morpheus fest. The diary of the Game - Mental Procreation is online, the preview and review of the game is also online.
11 - April 2000
Added a discussion board for Zzap related messages.
15 - March 2000
Letters added to the Rrap about sexism (Psycho Pigs UXB ad) and bananas
28 - February 2000
Added the following Gold medal reviews from Brigadoon - Ballblazer, Bounder, The Eidolon, Mercenary, Alter Ego, Spindizzy, Leader Board, Ghosts 'n' Gobins, World Games, The Sentinel, Bubble Bobble and Armalyte.
22 - February 2000
I got my hands on issues 1 to 36 so expect lots of articles from those issues soon. Added Issue 9 - The Making of Zzap! and issue 80 - article on CodeMasters
19 - January 2000
This is big!! The Zzap! Bible is online. This means you can access information about reviews in Zzap from issue 1 to 71, I have to add the details about later issues by hand so it'll take a while.
4 - January 2000
First Zzap! Challenge is up, issue 46.
Christmas 1999
All the editorials from 1988 and 1989 are now online.
8 - November 1999
Added editorials from 1985 to 1988 (pics and all!) and The Terminal Man from Brigadoon.
26 - October 1999 - I've taken the leap and moved the pages to a proper host. So no more Fortune City ads all over the page. There's a new URL as well, "www.zzap64.co.uk"
20 - July 1999 - Added "Turbo Charging!" an article about System 3's upcoming (back then!) TurboCharge game from issue 74, June 1991.
21 - June 1999 - As you may already know, "Brigadoon - Zzap! Online", another Zzap! site is closing its doors, read the farewell message here. I've decided to grab all the pages and incorperate them into my site. So far there's game reviews of Elite, Dropzone, Entombed, Little Computer People and Paradroid. There's the Diary of Paradroid, Interviews with Andrew Braybrook, LucasFilm, Infocom and Chris Bulter and lastly part one of Jeff Minter's Diary of Iridis Alpha. From me there's the editorial of issue 6 and some additions to the Zzap! History page. Hopefully all that will keep you going for a while!
7 - June 1999 - All Zzap! covers are now online, issues 1 to 90! Just 15 Commodore Force covers to go..
3 - June 1999 - Covers 10 to 23 are up, thanks to Alessandro and the Zzap! staff page is also updated, thanks to Fabrizio Gennari.
12 - May 1999 - There's more covers, issue 75 to 90 and an article about the C64GS from issue 66 and an interview with Jeff Minter from issue 9. There's also more pictures and links on Gordo's, Kati's and Paul's pages. Got the cover of the first issue of the Italian Zzap! as well.
19 - April 1999 - Added some info on games reviewed from issue 99 / CF 9 to the end. Updated the Staff Page and added interviews with Gordon, Kati and Paul.
8 - April 1999 - Covers for issues 2-9 and 66-74 are up. Along with the contents page of issue 1 and a slight update of the History of Zzap page.

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