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Zzap! Rrap

ZzapRrap Logo with Lloyd

Lloyd Mangram fronted Zzap's letters page all the way from issue 3 until the final issue. He was ousted for a period by Hack 'n' Lash but the least said about that period of Zzap's letter page the better. Who could forget Lloyd's great responses to letters and his comments about the industry and his moanings about his less than generous wages. According to Gordon Houghton -"Lloyd is alive and (reasonably) well, and still living in Ludlow. I hear he breeds cats and goes ballroom dancing these days, although he lost a leg a couple of years back in a horrific combine harvester accident, so his cha-cha-cha isn't all it should be". Unfortunately I haven't been able to contact Lloyd (he always was a little illusive) and I definitely haven't been able to find a photo of him so he remains as mysterious as he always was.

Below is just a sample of Lloyd's Letters page from issue 41, in the future I hope to format them a little better and add some of the best letters from the numerous issues I have. I've also just added some letters relating to pornography (i.e. sexist advertising) and bananas.

(Here's some extracts from issue 41 - Sept 88) I.B.

I would say 'hello, it's Lloyd' again. but the weather's making me feel a bit miserable, and I'm not really In a cheery sort of mood. Where's the Summer gone? Ludlow's been besieged by rain for too long now, and I haven't even had the chance to do a spot of gardening. Oh well, life goes on and I suppose there's always your letters to keep me going. Ho hum. If you look below you'll find NO Ietter of the month, NOTHING about sexism and NOT A SAUSAGE dedicated to the reconciliation of Cartesian values with an objective universal framework. However, them's a hue, ginormous hunky chunk on the Amiga-in-ZZAP! debate. a few snippets of Piracy and multiloads (again), a review of your favourite reviewing magazine, a Karnov lookailke competition and a letter from a fan of that great Geordie epic comic, Viz.


Dear Lloyd,
Just popped in to ask how you all are at ZZAP! residente and to make a few brief comments upon the mag... Well, actually, I must confess that the main reason I wrote to you was because I discovered a stamp from the previous Christmas batch, in the unchartered murky depths under my bed, where undergarments and soggy thingies thrive with algae.

The second slightly less insignificant reason was to say how ZZAP! has changed throughout its three-and-a-bit-year lifespan, and indeed it has matey lad Lloyd, indeed it has. The mag seems to be more mature and professional these days. It's now in full colour and the quality of style and layout of the mag has very much improved. This can of course be reflected in the doubling of its circulation figures since 86.

Hovever, I am missing that one very essence of ZZAP! The sense of fun and humour which was very evident in the rookie days. I am pleased to say though, that there has been signs of the jollyness seeping back, I am glad.

And now to all those rectum faced degrades of society who moan about 16-bit machines. I've only one thing to say to them. 'Go and make love to a fried chicken'. Have you got no consideration for trillions who wish a wider knowledge of the Amiga software. Are you lot sadistic enough to force us into buying another mag and deprive lots of something you obviously don't even glance at. I'm not exactly chuffly smugged to smitherines about Mel's contributions, but I have respect for othors who find them stimulating. How can you lot be so paranoid and narrow minded and selfish? Eeeh I don't know!

Well I must depart from your pleasant company now, Lloyd. It has been a most tummy-tickling experience, but my revision books await collecting dust. I've got a chemistry exam in a couple of days. Guinea Pigs we are, damn Guinea Pigs, mumble mumble moan.
Dr J Ane, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs.

I hope you've found some of the sense of humour you're thinking of in the last couple of issues - certainly ZZAP! is now populated by a group of the most stupid, wacky and degenerate fools I've ever seen. God knows how they manage to even write their own names. The reviews side of ZZAP! is a more serious business, however... The
Amiga debate is very much an ongoing situation, as the comments below testify.



Dear Lloyd,
In Germany the Amiga is very popular, and I cannot understand why the British buy so many STs and not Amigas.

I myself own a Commodore 64 and an Amiga, and many of my friends own both computers too,so I find ZZAP! excellent. When the new ZZAP! arrives I open the Amiga Action pages first to see what is new on the Amiga. Please go on with Amiga Action, it's really great. Myself, I think that the Amiga Action is too litte, please make it bigger, a lot Of people would thank you, even if they don't write a letter.

In my opinion you should give an Overall, Graphics and Sound grade for each Amiga game. The Amiga Owner Group will grow and grow, and a lot of them own a C64 too, so ZZAP! will sell very well.

Up to now you only printed letters from people who wanted the Amiga Action out of your mag. It would be great if you printed this letter, so that a positive Amiga letter can be seen by all your readers.
Joohen Jhring, Aldorf, Germany.

...I am a 32 year old avid computer user in Australia, where the Kangaroos hop down the middie of the street and the Koalas are up a gumtree with a Fosters. I have bought your magazine since day one and think it is excellent. At this point I had to write to you to voice my opinion.

I sold my C64 about 18 months ago and bought the Commodore Amiga 1000 Computer which I think is fantastic, and I still continue to buy ZZAP! for its reviews and comments. I do not agree with evervthing that you say, but I like the way in which you present your magazine. It is very professional. I would like to see more reviews of Amiga software, as there are very little in mags that cater for it. I am not giving the C64 away as I've had it for three years and it gave me great pleasure and enjoyment. I am not one for adventure games, but I do not write in and complain about them and say they should be taken out - this is only one man's opinion, as I'm sure there are thousands of people out there who love adventures. That's the thing about your magazine, it caters for everyone and not just for a few people. ZZAP! is just great the way it is.
David Salyor, Latham, Australia.

...I have been an avid reader of ZZAP! for 3 years now and have enjoyed it immensely. Well, most of the time anyway as I thought around August last year ZZAP! was losing her direction. Now I can gladly say you have rectified her problems and produce a thumping - read each month and I hope many many more.

Anyway, onto some serious things, the 16 bit market. I am tempted to buy one every month when I see luscious graphics and sound.However, I hesitate to do so.Now of course the Amiga/ST are the 64/Spectrums of the future. No one can deny that, but I feel that the 64 will be alive and kicking for a few more years to come. Every month we are presented with a program that pushes the limits somewhat further. The SID chip is obviously surpassed by the Amiga but, as we have most heard, can still produce some nifty effects, take
Mega Apocalypse for instance. I have yet to see a totalty crucial Amiga/ST game which is totally original with fantastic sound and graphics. All we'v eseen so far are 64/Spectrum conversions and some mediocre Amiga/ST only games.
Yours sincerely, Andrew Barratt, Oulton, Leeds

...I am an avid reader of ZZAP! 64 and always appreciate your detailed reviews. But I really put pen to paper because would like to know whether or not it it is worth upgrading your Commodore 64 to an Amiga, as I am thoroughly impressed vith the power of the 16-bit machine. What it really boils down to is, has the 64 sill got much life in it and do you think it is still here to stay for a few more years? Please put my mind at rest.
Steven Smart, Luton, Beds.

The Amiga content in ZZAP! is currenty limited to a double page spread of round-ups, interpersed with the occasional Amiga special packed with comprehensive reviews. Whether that will change or not is something you can decide by writing in: the more people who want it included, the more change there is of permanent full-blown Amiga reviews. EquaIly if there are overwhelming objections, Amiga in ZZAP! will belimited to two pages a month.

The quality of orginal or arcade conversions software for the 16-bit machines is improving all the time, reproducing quality and depth which isn't conceivable on the 64. That said, the 64 does have some life left in it! The number and overall quality and addictiveness of 64 software far outweighs that of its 16-bit counterparts and there's always the price difference in software to consider... The best solution, if you can afford it, is to hang on to your64 and get an Amiga as well.


Dear Lloyd,
These days, in ZZAP! Rrap everyone seems to be moaning on about something or other in the magazine. So I thought I'd write a letter just to say what I thought of each section in ZZAP!

Editorial: Quite good, although it's always one of the last things I read when lget ZZAPP! each month.It's nice to hear what the editor has to say on various subjects.

Under the Baudwalk: To be honest, I don't read this anymore. I read the first installment and it nearly killed me with bordom. I don't mind other people enjoylng it, though.

ZZAP! Rrap: Excellent-it's always one of the first things I read. Lately, there have been a lot of letters concerning 16-Bit and other sections in the mag. I feel that when you listen to these people you are giving into a minority.

ZZAP! Challenge: I really enjoy reeding the challenge and I can only find one quib about it. Why are the photos always In black and white? When the challenge first started in the first few issues, the photos were dreary B&W and even now, when ZZAP! has nearly full colour, they're still the same. C'mon, Cameron get with it!

The Scorelord's high-scoring heroes: This is OK because it gives us something to aim at in games, but I've always wondered how the mighty scorelord knows if someone has entered pokes to get the highscore?

Competitions: Good,but why the decrease in drawing comps? Bring them back, I was quite good at them.

Manoeuvre: Never read it.

Enter The Harlequin: Never read it. Hate adventures.

Hack To The Future. Total crap! Never funny or interesing at all. Mel Croucher is a talented writer, though, Tamara Knight was brilliant in my opinion.

ZZAP! Back: Not very important for me, because I already have all the ZZAP! sizzlers and Gold Medals that are likely to be ZZAP! backed. But I can see the necessity for a new 64 owner who is thinking about picking something in the bargain bin.

Playing Tips: Generally very good, but for God's Sake, why so many listings? They are pointlessly long and take ages to type in sometimes. What is wrong with POKEs?

Budget Test: Fine,a good round up of the budget scene.

Classifieds: Lloyd breathes a sigh of ralief, as penpals have to be paid for now.

Readers Charts: Good, but it's easy to see that the same bunch of people are voting every month, for example, the way Delta has been number one in the Music Charts for ages. I have no qulbs about the video charts because they can be a good guide to what to rent out. Coin-op charts are ddifferent however, they are real money spinners and millions of pounds are being made by arcade owners of young people. In one arcade I visited recently in the city, a single go of Afterburner cost £1. Even so, there were loads of people queuueing up for a go with money in their hands. I kid you not, and it usually takes three to four goes just to find out what's going on. How many machines have you seen with the instructions on them? I can imagine that hundeds of young boys are gladly pouring their week's pocket money into arcade machines, and for these reasons I wish ZZAP! didn't promote them so much.

Winners Pages: Well it's like essential, man, to see if you've won or not Also please tell Glenys that if she made the print smaller, like in ZZAP! Rrap then she would have enough room for all the winners' names, all the answers to the comps and pictures of the winning ents.

Diaries of Games: Very interesting, sometimes amusing, and always well written!

Amiga Action: Excellent, excellent, excellent. But what happened to the proper, persentage reviews of Issue 36? Again smaller print would give more depth and satisfy the peope who moan about extra space being given to it.
Adrian Donnelly, Kilmacud, Dublin.

By popular demand, 'Baudwalk' has now been dropped in favour of more space for 'The Word'; Mel is still with us, however, in his penultimate 'Future of the Software Industry' and in some surprise articles in a couple of issues time. Black and white is used in the Challenge to break up the colour of the rest of the mag and because someone thought it was 'arty'. Oh well... As for the Scorelord being able fo suss out cheats, beware! He knows all and will reduce to component atoms all those he finds attemping to trick him. You have been warned!

Since I started reading your letters the weather's brightened up considerably, as has the mood in the Towers: Mr Tips Glancey is coming out with a stream of ancient Geordie phases and Gordon has invested in a Doughnut and Treacle mine. Meanwhile, new boy Maff Evans is putting on his trendiest gear and trying to look cool. sorry, Maff, but it just doesn't work. Anyway, I'm wandering a bit - if you've got anything to say-funny, sensible, rude or dull -just drop me a line at the address below and a £30 software voucher could be yours...


Since 5th November 1999
and 340 from 19/4/99 to 5/11/99