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Welcome to my very own C64 demos page. These demos were coded during my heyday of C64 programing (~1992) when I was around 16 years old. There's nothing too technically amazing about them but I think they are pretty nice and I was proud of some of my raster effects. Anyway have a look at them and don't take any of the scrolly messages too seriously, after all I was only 16 at the time! P.S. Sorry about the blurry screenshots, but CCS doesn't like taking shapshots when lots of things are flying around. You can also get all the demos below in one .d64 package by shift clicking here (111K).

Sub Zero's Demo 1

This was the first part of a megademo that I was meant to be creating. I did the different parts but I never got around to actually linking them so any "press space to continue" messages in the scrolly texts are just wishful thinking. My favourite parts of this demo are the rotating rasters in the middle of the screen and also the nice raster effect on the scrolly message at the bottom of the screen, even if it makes it very hard to read.

Sub Zero Demo 1

You've seen the screenshot. Now Get the file here.  

Sub Zero's Demo 2

Now, this was a great part, you had that nice logo at the top with a cool sparkling star effect on it. A oh so cool sprite scroller which bounces up and down the screen, a small scroller with bouncy balls! and to top it all off it also had a great tune. Again the big scrolly message to hard to read but then again any scrolly message that you can read doesn't have any great effects on it!

Sub Zero Demo 2

You've seen the screenshot. Now Get the file here.  

Sub Zero's Demo 3

Another classic raster part, I was especially proud of that big red and gold raster bar in the bottom part of the screen. There's also a falling raster effect that the top of the screen but unfortuntly it didn't come off quite as good as I had hoped. Apart from the rasters there wasn't much time to do anything else apart from the scrolly message and the Sub Zero logo running about the place.

You've seen the screenshot. Now Get the file here.  

Sub Zero's Demo 4

The last part of my "Megademo", my nicest drawn logo at the bottom there with some beautiful vertical scrolling for the credits at the top. Damn, I remember it taking so long to get that working and get rid of all the flickers between the logo and the scroll. Em I seem to remember putting a few black sprites over them...

You've seen the screenshot. Now Get the file here.  

Sub Zero's Last Ninja 2 Musics

My proudest programming moment this is. A friend managed to crack and pack all the tunes from Last Ninja 2 into memory at the one time and I wrote this front end for them. The tune to be played is selected by moving the small raster bar over the text and pressing fire. The bar is moved using a joystick in port 2 ior a C= mouse in port 1. There are some great effects in this player, a nice colour scroll at the top and the blue raster bar leaves a trail when you move it.

You've seen the screenshot. Now Get the file here.  

The above are the best examples of my coding but I also have a lot more older (and some newer) stuff that was never completed in the archives. Click below to have a look at them and to download them.

The Hidden Sub Zero / Wizard Archives

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