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BMX Simulator by Codemasters

CoverThis was definitely one of Codemasters better games, written by one of the owners of the company (Richard Darling) it was a simple Supersprint like game which involved cycling around a dirt track with an opponent, with you trying to do three laps in the fastest time. Great fun and pretty good graphics too.Screenshot

Rating 80% - Get the game here

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Bruce Lee by U.S. Gold

CoverNow, this was a classic game, staring Bruce Lee in an original platform game. You went around the screens trying to collect lanterns and dodge or kill the baddies as well as getting past some of the traps that were dotted around the game. I managed to complete this game three times over in a single game, not bad hey?Screenshot

Rating 88% - Get the game here

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Human Race by Mastertronic

CoverThis was one of the many Mastertronic games that I owned (you can't go wrong with £2.50!). This game was a simple platform game with you jumping around trying to get bananas while climbing the trees and dodging the baddies. The later levels changed , if you managed to get to them that is. This game was DAMN hard!Screenshot

Rating 70% - Get the game here

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Kikstart 2 by Mastertronic

CoverAnother brilliant game.You are on a bike speeding through an assault course, racing head to head with another player / computer. This had it all, ramps, fire, water, ski jump! etc. The extra great thing about this game was the included course designer which meant you could spend more hours playing your own courses too.Screenshot

Rating 85% - Get the game here

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Phantom of the Asteroids by Mastertronic

CoverThis was also a pretty hard game, I never really got anywhere in it but it was fun to play. You jet packed around a planet picking up objects and unlocking gates to other areas while trying to dodge the baddies which floated around you. The title tune was a really excellent tune from Rob Hubbard.Screenshot

Rating 60% - Get the game here

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Pitfall by Activision

CoverThe reason this game is here, is because I played the orginal so much on the old Atari VCS/2600. You are Pitfall Harry trying to find your way through the jungle, over the pits and drops dodging items everywhere, while collecting your gold and other treasures. A classic game that I spent so much time playing as a kid.Screenshot

Rating 80% - Get the game here

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Rupert and the Ice Castle by Quicksilva

CoverAHH, this was one of my first C64 games so needless to say I played it a lot. Another platform, with Rupert jumping around trying to de-ice his frozen mates. The graphics were really good in this game and it was fun to play but also pretty hard and not very forgiven in the collision area.Screenshot

Rating 75% - Get the game here

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Pipeline 2 by TaskSet

CoverYeap, another Mastertronic, although I think this was a re-release, but nevertheless it was a great game. You were a plumber trying to insure that water got through the tangle of pipes to reach the barrels at the bottom of the screen, while the baddies would drill holes along the pipes. This game is brilliant and still plays good today.Screenshot

Rating 90% - Get the game here

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