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means the link is off site

Your 64 seemed like a great magazine, the usual mix of serious and games sections but both were done with a very high quality of writting, but I guess the general public didn't think so because within a year or so it had merged in with Your Commodore.

The Magazine

Scans of Issue 1 now available

I'm afraid I've only got one issue of this or maybe two at most. Click on any page to view it full size picture of it.

Issue 01 (1984)

I don't know about the other issues but this one was great. It contained an indepth review of the new SX-64 and had some great technical articles such as Scratchpad, which described how to make your own reset switch on a C64. It also had a smallish games section and a couple of programs to type in. The page on the right is page 6 which is part of the news section, if you look at the bottom right of the page you will see a picture of the one and only Jeff Minter.

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