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One of Zzap's best features was their "Diary of a Game" in which they had a famous programmer keep a diary of their exploits while working on their latest game. It really gave an insight into how games are programmed and the whole process surrounding it. This diary relates to Martin Walker and his game called "Citadel" written between January 1988 and June 1989. Enjoy.

Please click below for the various pages (You can also go through the diary using the right arrow at the bottom of all the pages).

Issues 36 and 37 - 24th Jan - 2nd Mar

Issues 38 and 39 - 4th Mar - 8th May

Issues 40 and 41 - 13th May - 6th Jul

Issues 42 and 43 - 7th Jul - 5th Sep

Issues 44 and 45 - 8th Sep - 28th Oct

Issues 46 and 47 - 3rd Nov - 4th Jan

Issues 48 and 49 - 5th Jan - 23rd Feb

Issues 51 and 52 - 28th Feb - 1st Jun

Since 5th November 1999
and 268 from 19/4/99 - 5/11/99

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